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팀레드 마이너 0.10.0 나왔네요.


Team Red Miner v0.10.0

R-mode public release bringing significant efficiency improvements on a range of AMD GPUs! Please read the Ethash R-mode tuning guide for more information and before enabling.

README highlights:

  • GPU: R-mode introduced. See separate documentation. Applicable for Vegas/VIIs/Navi10/Big Navi.
  • GPU: Smooth power transitions for ethash family algos.
  • GPU: Added support for multiple --api_listen and --api_listen2 endpoints (up to 8 total).
  • FPGA: Fixed crash bug with > 16 fpgas running in a single miner instance.
  • GPU: Added argument --gpu_sdma=on|off for special situations. For example, BC-250 needs --gpu_sdma=off.


R모드 효율이 좋아졌다고 하는데.. 이전 버젼에서 마이너 버젼만 업해보니 오히려 해시가 떨어지네요 ㅋ

그렇다고 전력 효율이 좋아진 것도 아니고요.

역시 잘 돌아가던 채굴기는 건드리는 게 아닌가 봅니다 ㅋ


TeamRedMiner Ethash R-mode Tuning Guide

v1.1 2022-05-18 (v0.10.0 public release)
v1.0 2022-05-03 (v0.9.4.6 public beta release)

General Overview
This guide describes the new "R-mode" introduced in TRM v0.10.0. It
assumes the reader has already read the older ETHASH_TUNING_GUIDE.txt
and is familiar with ethash mining with TeamRedMiner in general.

TRM R-mode greatly improves efficiency for ethash mining on a range of
AMD gpus. It is the most complex and advanced work we've done to
date. It is linux only. At this point we do not anticipate being able
to port it to windows. R-mode contains a number of elements coercing
the hardware into working better in an ethash mining setup. In other
words, we're hacking around quite hard. The upside is most definitely
worth it. However, the downside is that in rare cases the combination
of rig hardware, gpus, opencl version, kernel module simply doesn't
work well. We expect R-mode to work in maybe 95-97% of all cases. When
it works as expected, it generally runs very stable.

R-mode is available for all gpus except Polaris and earlier. It needs
a special set of amdgpu kernel boot parameters configured, just like
our previous Radeon VII C-mode.

In general, R-mode has the same trade-off effect for all gpus: you can
now run a lower core clk (and therefore lower core voltage) while
sustaining very very close to the same ethash hashrate as before,
sometimes increasing it as well. On some gpus, like Radeon VIIs, the
effect is rather converted into a higher hashrate instead. An
important difference between R-mode and our previous B/C-modes is that
R-mode does not degrade over time as the DAG grows.

Given the above, R-mode is a much improved version of our older B-mode
for Vegas and Navis, and C-mode for Radeon VIIs/MI50/MI60/MI100. Note
that R-mode is also available for Big Navis without incurring a
hashrate penalty, like the B- or C-mode would. The older A/B/C-modes
are still available in the miner and can be used just as before.

R-mode effect on various gpus
The effect of R-mode on different gpus can be summarized as follows:

- 6900XT/6800XT/6800: small powersave of -2-3W by lowering core clk,
  might not be worth the effort.
- 6700XT: good effect, 1000 MHz core enough for 1075 MHz mem clk.

- 6600XT: our tests indicate there's no real point using it, but we're
  waiting for more user feedback.

- 5700XT/5700: big winner. Core clk 1050-1075 MHz is now enough to
  sustain 56 MH/s. Can almost always run at sub-700mV core voltage.
- 5600XT: decent winner. Core clk 950 MHz supports 42 MH/s, core voltage
  can be dropped low.

- Radeon VII family: solid win, hashrate restored to original C-mode
  levels and slightly more, average boost 2-3 MH/s per gpu.

- Vega 56/64: a small hashrate boost and/or powersave from being able
  to use lower core clk. For 51-52 MH/s a core clk of 925-950 MHz is
  often enough.

Requirements / Enabling R-mode
R-mode needs a modern linux kernel and amdgpu driver setup, and a
specific set of amdgpu kernel boot parameters:

amdgpu.vm_block_size=11 amdgpu.vm_size=2048

We do not expect things to run well on opencl versions before
20.40. Testing has primarily been done on newer opencl versions such
as 21.40.2 and 21.50.2.

There are three ways of setting the necessary kernel boot parameters:

1) Using the new integrated support in the miner.
2) Mining distro integrated support.
3) Manually.

Enabling R-mode using miner integrated support
To simplify setting up for R-mode, and also making sure it's set
properly after e.g. mining distro upgrades, we've added a bundled
shell script called "" which is integrated
directly into the miner.

This setup will work on all Linux distros that uses a
/etc/default/grub file. This includes most mining distros incl Hive,
Minerstat OS, SMOS. The script will set the correct parameters, run
update-grub, and reboot if anything was modified and it was asked to do so.

To use it, just add the miner argument --kernel_vm_mode=X, where X is
one of:

N  - set no specific mode.
C  - set old Radeon VII C-mode.
R  - set new R-mode.
RN - set no specific mode and reboot if there was a change.
RC - set old Radeon VII C-mode and reboot if changed.
RR - set new R-mode and reboot if changed.

This way, you can add "--kernel_vm_mode=RR" to e.g. your Hive flight
sheet custom arguments and leave it there. After any distro upgrade or
clean reinstall, the miner will set up the R-mode parameters and
reboot automatically the first time it's executed.

Enabling R-mode using integrated mining distro support
If your mining distro has integrated support for TRM R-mode, you
should use that instead. At the time of writing, MMP OS and RaveOS
have support with the "enable-trm-boost" (MMP) and "trm-mode" (RaveOS)
commands. Please refer to documentation for your specific distro for
more details.

Enabling R-mode manually
For users not running grub and/or a Debian/Ubuntu-derived linux
distro, we refer to online sources for how to modify the kernel boot
parameters. As long as the two provided parameters are passed to the
amdgpu kernel module at boot, R-mode should work ok.

Verifying R-mode is set up correctly
Regardless of mechanism used, you can verify that the correct
parameters are set after a reboot by running "dmesg | egrep fragment"
from a shell, and you should see output such as:

[    2.820075] [drm] vm size is 2048 GB, 3 levels, block size is 11-bit, fragment size is 9-bit
[    4.117304] [drm] vm size is 2048 GB, 3 levels, block size is 11-bit, fragment size is 9-bit
[    7.358746] [drm] vm size is 2048 GB, 3 levels, block size is 11-bit, fragment size is 9-bit
[    8.554411] [drm] vm size is 2048 GB, 3 levels, block size is 11-bit, fragment size is 9-bit
[   12.099354] [drm] vm size is 2048 GB, 3 levels, block size is 11-bit, fragment size is 9-bit
[   12.609303] [drm] vm size is 2048 GB, 3 levels, block size is 11-bit, fragment size is 9-bit

If the vm size is 2048 GB and the block size is 11-bit, you're all
set. Please note that Polaris gpus will _not_ have the parameters set,
they'll still show something else. Since R-mode can't be used on
Polaris gpus, it doesn't matter.

Switching to mining in R-mode
Whenever the R-mode kernel parameters are set, the miner will use
R-mode as the default on Vegas, VIIs and all Navi gpus. However, if
you're passing an --eth_config argument to the miner the modes
specified there will be used instead.

IMPORTANT NOTE: before switching to R-mode you SHOULD tune down your
core clk -200 MHz on all gpus except the Radeon VII family (which can
keep the same clocks). This is extremely important. By running e.g. a
1350 MHz core clk on a 5700XT, you will put a huge (and unneccessary)
pressure on the memory subsystem in R-mode as only 1050-1100 MHz is
required for the same hashrate, and we've many times found that the
high core clk results in hard rig hangs needing a power cycle.

When R-mode is running on a rig, the typical process is as follows:

1) Verify all gpus are mining successfully, without any unexpected low

2) Find the core clk necessary to support the hashrate you're running
   by moving it up or down. We want to end up as low as possible. You
   will typically see tiny hashrate drops as you lower it until you
   reach a certain point where it drops sharply. This is where you'll
   mine most efficiently.

3) Lower core voltage as much as possible while keeping gpus stable.

One side effect of using newer drivers is that memory errors often
generate a process crash rather that a hard gpu hang + reboot. This
means most mining distros don't pick up which gpu was the cause of the
crash. This is a general issue with using newer drivers in the
21.40-21.50 range that needs to be addressed by distros going forward.

For now, if you see an unexpected miner restart or similar reported by
your mining distro, but without a subseqeuent reboot, you can often
issue a "dmesg -T" command in a shell and check the kernel logs for
more info. Look for logs similar to this:

[Tue May  3 13:38:05 2022] amdgpu 0000:09:00.0: amdgpu: VM_L2_PROTECTION_FAULT_STATUS:0x00000000
[Tue May  3 13:38:05 2022] amdgpu 0000:09:00.0: amdgpu:          Faulty UTCL2 client ID: CB (0x0)
[Tue May  3 13:38:05 2022] amdgpu 0000:09:00.0: amdgpu:          MORE_FAULTS: 0x0
[Tue May  3 13:38:05 2022] amdgpu 0000:09:00.0: amdgpu:          WALKER_ERROR: 0x0
[Tue May  3 13:38:05 2022] amdgpu 0000:09:00.0: amdgpu:          PERMISSION_FAULTS: 0x0
[Tue May  3 13:38:05 2022] amdgpu 0000:09:00.0: amdgpu:          MAPPING_ERROR: 0x0
[Tue May  3 13:38:05 2022] amdgpu 0000:09:00.0: amdgpu:          RW: 0x0

From the above, we see that the gpu at pci bus address 09:00.0 was the
culprit and typically needs its tuning adjusted.

Dual mining TON in R-mode
R-mode dual mining is mostly interesting if you're looking for a power
efficient setup. With summer and high temperatures approaching, it's
also a way to control heat. If you run a dual mining setup with a high
core clk to maximize the dual mining algo, you should keep mining in
A- or B-mode.

For e.g. 5700XT/5700 and 5600XTs, R-mode provides options for still
keeping your eth hashrate at max, but also add a smaller amount of
dual mining using a core clk around 950 MHz (5600XT) or 1000-1050 MHz
(5700/5700XT). This will add a much smaller dual algo hashrate, but
still keep the eth hashrate close to max. It will consume a much
smaller amount of power for the added dual algo though, hence making
it easier to control temps.

Dual mining ZIL in R-mode
The current implementation of R-mode does not allow a second cached
DAG. Mining directly to zil switching pools like means the DAG
will be rebuilt switching to/from ZIL. However, on 8GB gpus using the
--zil ... --zil_end mechanism for dual zil mining, the gpu will be
able to run with a cached ZIL dag. That mining will not be in R-mode
though, but in A-mode, meaning that the configured core clk for the
main R-mode mining will be too low for ZIL and hashrate will suffer

It is possible to integrate a cached ZIL dag into the R-mode ethash
mining setup, but it needs more work. It might be included in a future

Happy mining!














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