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Hello sir,

Hello Jakub,

Thanks for reaching out and your interest. Our flagship model costs
$13,000 to $16,000 depending on your desired configuration (capacity of
cash cassettes), and is fully capable of buying and selling bitcoins for
cash. Included in the cost of the machine is delivery and personal
installation and setup by a member of our team. The machine is also
capable of generating new ("paper") wallets for customers on the fly.
Currently there are no "identity verification" mechanisms built into the
machine, as we are first and foremost looking to target countries where
regulations are more favorable.

There are no fixed monthly recurring costs, however we do charge a 1%
fee of the value of each transaction conducted on the machine through
our software. Our product is fully working and is scalable to any
language or nationality. We have already translated the interface to
Korean and Spanish, and would be happy to have it translated to Polish.

The details of the machine are as follows:

Height = 56.0”
Width = 18.1”
Depth = 24.1”
ATM Weight = 185 lbs.
Sidecar Weight = 160 lbs

Power Requirements
110/220 VAC ±10%, 50/60 Hz, 145 Watts

We have built up a stock of units on hand, and there is roughly a 2-week
lead time for configuration, QA, and delivery. We can also air ship the
unit to you if it is needed quicker, but this adds roughly $1,000 to the

The machine comes with a 13 month warranty on all hardware, and we
provide up to 2 hours of technical support per month for the software
and backend.

We are in the process of determining the most eligible operators to
receive the first batch of machines, and it would be helpful to know
your location, as well as liquidity provisions. Do you have any
experience operating an ATM? Do you feel you have the necessary capital
on hand to operate a machine efficiently?

The ATM is supplied via exchange APIs, so as an operator you need to
keep funds available to your exchange of choice (we are currently
integrated with Bitstamp and Mt.Gox). We have a robust operating backend
where you can monitor all of your machines in realtime, set premiums on
buy side and sell side, update exchange routing options, refill the cash
stock, view transaction histories, and watch live streaming video feed
from your machine. You can also set up alerts where our system will
call, text, or email you when certain conditions apply (ie: cash or
exchange liquidity below a certain threshold), and we automatically
notify you when there are any hardware maintenance issues.

Hope this answers your questions.

Best regards,


-------------------------------  (아주 자신감있는 답장이 와서, 고무돼 있습니다. ) ------------------



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